Casino Personnel

Casinos are a gamblers favorite spot to meet people, have a good time, practice their skills in craps, roulette, and blackjack or trust his luck in slot machines. Casinos are usually crowded places, at least the fanciest or the local ones which have loyal gamblers, and the interactions in which people engage allow them to create bonds, get mad at another gambler, get euphoric for winning streaks or panic for losing their monthly payment. Whether they are “good” or “bad”, they happen and are main ingredients for a casinos development. But because casinos are not alive and they need their staff, it could be interesting to explore the men and women behind it.

The famous dealers are those that handle the money in casinos, because they are responsible for supervising everyone in the tables, for how much one bets, plays, wins or loses. He needs to be accurate in counting chips during each play. They are not mere card shufflers but they do not interfere on the outcome, although they would rather see you win because that’s when tips come. Either way, dealers must have confidence and be quick to do their tasks otherwise they will put the game at risk, and ultimately their job.

Dealers respond to Pit Bosses, those responsible for any pit assigned for them and the gaming operations that occur there, who are usually in a suit and with a posture of authority. They are multitasking and work as security staff, public relations manager, gambling expert and supervisor. Floorpersons also respond to pit bosses but supervising some specific tables and not the pits, although they might look a lot like them or even indistinguishable, and make sure the right procedure is carried out.

Aside from the tables there are the slot machines, and they also have their own assigned personnel: The slot attendants are the “ask me” guys, to whom you talk to when unsure of how a machine works. They respond to slot supervisors that make sure if the rules are being followed and have the attendants always reporting for them. They also keep the maintenance of machines and usually address gamblers if they hit a jackpot that cannot be paid with coins.  The casino hosts are those people that attend to a gambler’s every need like, arranging for greens fees at the golf course, get tickets to sold-out shows, comping rooms and even give away free meals. These are the actors responsible for a functional casino that have the capacity to regulate the activities efficiently.