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    Mika Singh Weekly Update: 25 February – 1 March

    Mika Singh started his week in Delhi, with a private wedding performance.

    He spent the next few days relaxing and spending time with his friends before jetting off to Lahore for a public show as part of the singer’s world tour.


    The singer and his crew travelled to the popular city of Pakistan, Lahore.


    On the 28th of February, Mika Singh performed in Lahore for a sold out grounds. Thousands of fans sang and danced along with the Indian singer.

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    After a stellar show, the King joined music maestro, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for a home cooked dinner at the maestro’s home.


    The singer stayed the next few days in Lahore, taking the time to visit sites around the city and spend time with his musician friends. He and his friends visited Gurdwara Nankana sahib for the second time.

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    Mika enjoyed the hospitality of Pakistani pop singer, Abrar Ul Haq, who invited him over for dinner. B_CI3pcUwAA2Ylg B_ChDMPVIAAfxcs

    This brought the singers week and time in Lahore to an end.

    -Team MS

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