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    Mika Singh Weekly Update: 16 – 22 February

    The singer started his week performing for a private show in Dubai. King Mika Singh rocked the stage for his hard core Pakistani fans from Lahore.
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    After a fantastic gig in Dubai, Mika flew back to Delhi. The singer rocked the stage for T-Series owner’s younger sister’s wedding reception. Other singers like Navraj Hans and Ashok Masti were also present at the party.


    The singer took a day’s break to go to his farmhouse, just outside Delhi. He visited his pets, of which he has two horses and two camels.
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    The break was short lived as the hard working singer flew back to Mumbai to shoot for Farah Khan’s TV show Farah Ki Daawat. The singer had a blast on sets, sharing laughs with both Farah Khan and other guest star Anu Malik.


    The singer’s jam packed week ended on a high. He flew back to Delhi to meet the new CM, Mr Arvind Kejriwal. Mika also met the CM’s wife and Dr Kumar Vishwas, his right hand man. He posted on his twitter “I have met the most humble man, the well grounded person and yes our CM of Delhi”
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    – Team MS

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